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Troy Brown

A native of Cincinnati, OH

Lives & works in Raleigh, NC

My current work finds its foundation in the research of Emotional Intelligence. The work uses memory as a backdrop to allow broader connections to take place on an emotional level. Using deep-seated memories from my own personal history I seek to drive the visual narratives beyond the personal to a corporate dialogue. Memory and its capacity are largely misunderstood and continue to remain confined to its basic function in facilitation to the logical brain. If we can move beyond the rudimentary aspects of memory and explore its functions on a wider scale, we will discover new territories capable of advancing our current social and emotional development. Memory has the capacity to expand our social and emotional state of being, which at its current level is limiting in its capacity to develop our society beyond fundamental differences. 


BFA - Art Academy of Cincinnati

MA - DAAP/University of Cincinnati


Troy’s interpersonal communication skills have taken him to the classrooms of his alma mater The Art Academy of Cincinnati where he taught Foundation and illustration courses for several years to SAIC were used his skills to run the Summer Institute Residency Program for the college to his present location in his studio outside of Raleigh, NC. Troy now focuses on those interpersonal skills gained by teaching and administrating programs to communicate complex emotional content in his illustrations and creative client-based projects. Currently, he moves between the worlds of Children’s Book Illustration and personal work. 


T. Brown specializes in creating illustrations for Children’s Book Literature that helps them discover their purpose through emotional balanced content.

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